EU law, regulatory advice and compliance

EU law, regulatory advice and compliance

Kastell has advised on many complex EU-law matters that require a deep understanding of the EU-law system. The team has a broad range of experience, gained, inter alia, at the Court of Justice of the EU, the European Commission and the Swedish government. Kastell has represented clients in several cases before the EU Courts. 

Kastell can assist with, inter alia:

EU law
  • Advising on EU rules on e.g. free movement of goods and services 
  • Submitting complaints to the Commission regarding EU law infringements  
  • Lobbying the Commission, Swedish authorities and the Swedish government on EU law issues
Regulatory advice

Advice on and contact with authorities on issues relating to regulatory legislation, in particular legislation which is based on EU law and within the following sectors:

  • Agricultural and food, UTP Act on the prohibition of unfair trading practices
  • Energy
  • Telecoms
  • Refuse management
  • Gambling
  • Drafting and implementing compliance programmes, focusing on the areas that are crucial to your specific area of business 
  • Training and internal investigations where there is a suspected infringement
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