EU and competition law

EU and competition law

“They’ve clearly got a lot of experience on all kinds of competition law issues, always responding on or before deadlines and often giving you a little extra.”
– Chambers and Partners

Together, the attorneys at Kastell have over 100 years’ experience, covering the whole spectrum of competition law issues, including State aid. Kastell is highly ranked by several international ranking institutes on both an individual and firm-wide basis. The lawyers on the team have acted as counsel in several of the largest competition law litigations in Sweden and regularly represent clients before the Swedish Competition Authority and the European Commission. Kastell has also advised on many complex EU-law matters that require a deep understanding of the EU-law system and has represented clients in several cases before the EU Courts.

Kastell can assist with, inter alia:

EU law
  • Advising on EU rules on e.g. free movement of goods and services 
  • Submitting complaints to the Commission regarding EU law infringements  
  • Lobbying the Commission, Swedish authorities and the Swedish government on EU law issues

Advice at all stages of the transaction, including:

  • Risk analysis
  • Jurisdictional analysis
  • Due diligence
  • Reviewing transaction documents
  • Contact with and notification to competition authorities
  • Analysis of Protective Security Act
  • Analysis and notification of foreign direct investments (FDI)
Investigations by competition authorities
  • Advising companies accused of competition law infringements
  • Advising companies on bringing other companies’ potential competition law infringements to the attention of the competition law authorities
Dawn raids
  • Support during and after a dawn raid
  • Guidelines and manual on how to handle a dawn raid 
  • ”Mock dawn raids” to test routines

Representation and advice on all types of cases within competition law, such as:

  • Competition law fines
  • Orders
  • Merger prohibitions
  • Damages
  • State aid
State aid
  • Advising on how to structure aid
  • Notifying aid to the European Commission
  • Representing companies that are the subject of a European Commission investigation into State aid
  • Submitting complaints to the European Commission where it is suspected that a competitor has received State aid
Ongoing advice

Reviewing and advising on proposed plans and agreements to reduce the competition law risk