The firm

This is Kastell

Kastell is a niche firm in the true sense of the word. We focus exclusively on our four core areas, within each of which we have gathered some of Sweden’s leading experts.


Kastell’s business model is based on employing experienced lawyers only, to ensure that the advice provided is of the highest quality. Most of our lawyers were previously at other leading law firms, both Swedish and international. Other experience includes working at the Court of Justice of the EU, the European Commission and the Swedish Competition Authority, as well as working as a judge and in-house. Kastell’s lawyers also have a well-established network of leading experts in other countries, whom they can call upon when required for international matters.

Kastell’s lawyers often have prominent roles in the most challenging cases in our core areas. Established ranking agencies continually include Kastell and Kastell’s lawyers in the top tiers in our core areas.